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Self-propelled Aerial Platform


Self-propelled aerial platform range from 8 meters (26FT) to 29 meters (95FT). It is ideal for any shopping mall as well as compact indoor environment.
These compact mobile operating platform, can carry one, two workers or even more. Ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, they're excellent for indoor and outdoor construction. Range of base and platform options make it easy for you to customize to suit your requirements for aerial work platforms, for a variety of construction applications, including construction, maintenance, schools, offices, private estates and storage, etc. - provide you with economical and convenient transportation solution.

29M Spider

Spider Lift are especially suited for job sites that provide little space and require great working heights. Particularly in seemingly inaccessible spaces Spider Lifts prove its strengths. Spider Lift compact design and low weight allow access to narrow indoor spaces without damaging delicate floors. Spider Lift variable and quick multi-position outrigger system, it is ideal for quick and efficient applications.

Dimension: 6.5x1.28x1.98M
Platform Size: 2.0x0.90x1.15M
Load Capacity: 200kg

17M Spider

Dimension: 4.25x0.80x2.00M
Platform Size: 1.30x0.70x1.10M
Load Capacity: 200kg

14M (46FT) Sinoboom Scissor LIft

Dimension: 2.43x1.15x2.58M
Platform Size: 2.3x1.15x1.1M
Load Capacity:320kg

12M (39FT) Sinoboom Scissor Lift

Dimension: 2.43x1.15x2.7M
Platform Size: 2.3x1.15x1.1M
Load Capacity: 320kg

10M (32FT) Sinoboom Scissor Lift

Dimension: 2.45x0.77x2.38M
Platform Size: 2.3x0.77x1.1M
Load Capacity: 250kg

8M (26FT) Sinoboom Scissor Lift

Dimension: 1.775x0.76x2.06M
Platform Size: 1.64x0.76x1.1M
Load Capacity: 230kg